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 2022-2023 Officers


     Mary Russell

*Vice President

     Nan Alonso


      Sheila Thunboe 

*Financial Secretary

      Kris Zwiezen 

*Recording Secretary

     Cheryl Lavan


 Mardie Madden-Koneval

*Catholic Action

   Amber McCulloch

*Irish Historian

   Amy Moran-Munchmore


Maureen McGee-O'Shea


 Kerry Lavan



Nan Alonso

*Social Media & Publicity

Amber McCulloch



Who are we?

A sisterhood of Irish and Irish-American, Catholic women, the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Denver Division #1 was founded in 2000.  Our national organization was established in 1894.


The intent and purpose of the LAOH is to promote our Catholic faith and Irish traditions and culture.  Our patron saint is St. Brigid of Ireland. 


More information about the history of the LAOH nationally can be found here.

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